Will our product corrode steel or affect wheel rims?
No. The formulation includes special anti-corrosion inhibitors that protect even the most sensitive wheel materials
(magnesium, aluminium, mild steel, nylon & rayon).

Will our product seal side wall punctures and splits?
It is illegal to repair tyre sidewall damage (UK and certain other countries).
Sidewall punctures severely weaken the tyre and should be resolved by Tyre Replacement.

Can our product be used in a tubed tyre?
Yes, although we cannot guarantee the sealant to always permanently seal a puncture due to the condition of the tube.
However, it is vital to remove the penetrating object otherwise the object will flex in the tyre and shred the tube.

Will our product dry out in the tyre?
No! It will always stay in the same condition as it was when inserted into the tyre. The tyre is a closed environment and therefore no evaporation of the product is possible.
However, there may be some loss of sealant following a puncture repair.

What is the difference between our products and other tyre sealant products?
Many of the liquid Tyre Safety Sealants congeal or separate, which can cause wheel imbalance problems and some contain chemicals which degrade the rubber composition of the tyre or weaken the tyre structure. This in turn shortens the life of the tyre dramatically. Our products are Glycol-based which will not break down or dry up inside the tyre. Our products if properly installed should not affect tyre balance or have any adverse effect on the tyre structure.

Will the product block Valve Apertures during application?
It should not cause a blockage. However, since it is designed to seal holes under pressure, it is important to apply pressure gently and smoothly when installing the product (Full technical instruction available from distributor).

Does the product block the valve stem from inside when air pressure is released?
(Some vehicles operate at 50% tyre pressure in desert environments to effect increased traction for rising up gradients. Often tyre pressures are reduced at the bottom of the hill.) This is unlikely. If the valve stem were placed in the correct position during application blockage would not occur since the physical position of the valve will be away from the product reservoir. Most large vehicles use tyres with high walls and this is unlikely to occur with the valve stem in any position.

Will particles of the product become lodged under sealing washer of the valve stem, thus causing slow leaks?
We have no evidence of a problem.

Will the solution cause wheel imbalance in motor cars?
It will not cause wheel imbalance provided the product is correctly installed. It is important to emphasise that wheels must be in a balanced state prior to installation otherwise problems could be highlighted. Wheel imbalance can occur if the tyre is treated with less than the manufacturers recommended quantity of the product .

Will the solution cause wheel imbalance on other larger vehicles?
No, The product does not affect the wheel imbalance on 1 tonne+ vehicles. Puncture Preventatives exist in a number of forms and differ widely in effectiveness.
However, there are few fully developed puncture preventative products.

Over recent years, a number of companies have introduced some poor imitations. SO, BEWARE!

Will Seal A Wheel seal holes larger than 10mm in diameter?
There is a big difference between a hole and a penetration. There have been examples in which our product for Heavy Duty tyres has sealed penetrations up to 25mm.
The Heavy Duty Sealant is NOT recommended for road vehicles.

What will occur if the hole is far too large for the product specification?
If the hole is too large our product solution will attempt to seal the hole. It will slow down the escaping air until either the hole is plugged or it will attempt to block scaping air until it is fully exhausted. This may also apply to a blowout situation in the sidewall.

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