Cost Saving

Savings indicated are based on a real life annual case study.

Our tyre seal products will however usually last for the legal life of the tyre, which could be up to 3-5 years – therefore providing even greater savings….

Wheel size 10 x 16.5 (Bobcat) Application 3 Litres per wheel

5 Punctures every 2 months = £30 per year
Cost of puncture repairs at £45 = £1,350 per year

Downtime = 2 hours per puncture
Cost of downtime at £30 per hour = £60
Cost of downtime per year 30 x £60.00 = £1800 
Total cost of puncture repairs + downtime = £3150 
Cost of fitting Seal a Wheel to 4 Wheels
[price will naturally vary depending on supplier] £120

£3030 per year

Featured Product

Contains 1 Open end needle, 1 Rasp, 1 Tin vulcanising Cement, 1Cutter  30x8”  Thick Strings. Comes complete in a sturdy plastic box…

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