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What are Tyre Fix products? 

Tyre Fix supply products that are used as a Tyre Puncture Preventative Control System. It is quickly and easily installed through the valve stem, aiming to permanently seal punctures (up to 6mm on road & 25mm off road), tyre porosities and occasional bead leaks as they occur.

Products are available in three grades -

1: For use in motorcars and other vehicles capable of high speed – a new formula that sticks to a tyre’s inside – eliminating imbalance at speed Subject to change in tyre technology.

2: For all other tyre applications.

3: A ballistic grade sealant for off road applications only. For use in environments where extra protection is required i.e. Waste Management, Demolition and Construction sites. This product is suitable for use in most pneumatic tyres & vehicles. Its “gel like state” spreads evenly around the inner surface of the tyre casing, allowing it to provide on-going puncture protection for the legal life of the tyre.


How the products work…

1: As a tyre rotates, centrifugal force is exerted on the inside of the tyre. This forces the enclosed tyre sealant to line the whole of the inner wall on the treaded area of the tyre.

2: If a puncture occurs, the escaping air pressure naturally sucks the sealant into the hole.

3: Interlocking fibres and grouting agents then form a permanent flexible gator, which dries and forms a permanent seal [for the legal life of the tyre], once exposed to the air.



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Contains 1 Open end needle, 1 Rasp, 1 Tin vulcanising Cement, 1Cutter  30x8”  Thick Strings. Comes complete in a sturdy plastic box…

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