The benefits of preventative tyre maintenance is not speculative, it is hard fact. Implement the recommendations from Tyre Fix and they will vastly improve and maximise your tyre life, coupled with reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs. This may not endear you to your tyre dealer, but it will be of great benefit to YOU. 

• Seals the porosity of tyre, ensuring that they operate at the correct profile and tyre pressure
• Prevents Run flats
• Reduces the risk of Blow Outs

• Extended tyre life
• Reduced Down Time-Increased Productivity
• Reduced call out fees and repair bills

Why choose a Tyre Fix product

These hi-tech, environmentally friendly products combine an acrylic-glycol-based solution with natural particles, artificial fibres, adhesion/drying agents and anti-corrosion inhibitors. They are non-toxic, non-flammable, 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe (suitable for air transportation).

Tyre Fix products are compatible with all tyre components, including steel-aluminium, rayon & nylon.

Tyre Fix products, with there rust inhibitors and anti-bacteriostats, are designed to keep the particles and solids in constant suspension. There is no setting of the solids and particles so they can go to work anytime. Their adhesion properties coupled with its fluid state when installed inside the tyre, provides constant permanent puncture protection for all parts of the tyre (see installation guide & user guide).

Tyre Fix products are thixotropic and thin rapidly when motion increases, maintaining an even layer of product around the inner surface of the tyre casing while the vehicle is in motion.

Featured Product

Contains 1 Open end needle, 1 Rasp, 1 Tin vulcanising Cement, 1Cutter  30x8”  Thick Strings. Comes complete in a sturdy plastic box…

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